New Hampshire Hit and Run Laws

Section 264:25
• A driver having knowledge he was involved in a motor vehicle accident that caused property damage, personal injury, or death must stop immediately at the accident scene and provide the name and address of each occupant, his name, address, vehicle registration number, and driver’s license number to the vehicle owner, property owner, or injured person. If this is not possible, the information must be provided to a uniformed police officer on the accident scene or a police station.
If a driver that is operating a vehicle that is involved in a motor vehicle accident or the owner of a vehicle that was parked illegally at the time it was involved in an accident must submit a written accident report within 15 days to the division that contains facts surrounding the accident and circumstances regarding any injuries or death that may have occurred, or property damage that exceeds $1,000, unless a police officer investigates the accident. In this case, the report the officer files satisfies all requirements of this section. This is provided that an owner of a motor vehicle involved in the accident is not otherwise required to file an accident report by this paragraph.
In regards to the matter of knowledge, voluntary intoxication does not establish a defense for the provisions listed in this section. Drivers filing reports must present them in the required manner stated by the director. The division must be able to use the information to determine that the deposit of security requirements under RSA 264:3 are not applicable due to existing insurance or other specified exception in that chapter.
If the report cannot be made because the driver is mentally or physically incapable, the vehicle owner involved in the motor vehicle accident must submit the report upon learning about the accident. If it is required by the division, the owner or driver of the vehicle must also furnish additional information that is relevant.
• Certificates or reports that are issued cannot be used in a criminal trial as evidence on an accidents that are reported, when the party that reports the accident is a defendant, except:
• The report may be used by the director when it is in connection with his duties under RSA 264:3.
• When it is requested, a certificate may be furnished by the director to parties of a trial, or when it is requested by a law enforcement agency or court, that whether or not a specified report has or has not been filed. If a report was made, it will also include the time, the date, location the accident occurred, the names of drivers and owns of vehicles that were involved, and the name of the investigating officer.
• This section in no way prevents drivers from being prosecuted of charges that are brought under RSA.
Section 264:29
If the driver is a natural person and does not fulfill the requirements regarding property damage or the report that must be filed with the division, he is considered to be guilty of a misdemeanor. If he is any other person, he is considered to be guilty of a felony.
A driver that does not fulfill these requirements and the accident causes personal injury or death, or the driver provides false information, or the driver fails to fulfill any of the other requirements thereof is considered to be guilty of a class B felony.

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